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How to Install Gobacp on Centos 7

How to Install Gobacp on Centos 7

Hi . In this blog post, we will discuss the installation of Gobacp on Centos 7. Gobacp is a powerful open source control panel for managing websites, emails, MySQL databases, DNS, FTP users and much more. It is an alternative to commercial hosting control panels such as CPanel & Plesk.

Install Gobacp on Centos 7


Login to your Centos7 system and ensure the system is updated.

sudo yum update
sudo yum -y upgrade

Reboot after upgrade

sudo reboot

Once your system is up, install curl

sudo yum -y install curl

Download Gobacp  tar file.

curl -O

Extract goba.tar.gz

tar zxf gobacp.tar.gz

Run install with sudo if you’re logged in as standard user.

 sudo bash ./

Press “y” key to start the installation and provide admin email address and server hostname.

Please enter admin email address:
Please enter FQDN hostname [deb9]:

Access Gobacp Admin dashboard on https://[ServerIP_or_hostname]:6500

There you go!. You have Gobacp installed on centos 7 where you can add sites, manage databases, email, crons, dns e.t.c.

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